WTB Silverado Carbon 133mm on legenaarinen satula design yhdistettynä hiilikuitu kiskoihin jotka takaavat satulan keveyden, säästö 50g verrattuna titaani kiskoiseen. Satula on varustettu dna tason pehmusteilla, jotka ovat kevyet ja suunniteltu kestämään. Satula on 133mm leveä.

The Silverado is one of WTB’s most iconic and revered saddle shapes. Light-weight and slim, the design oozes speed while proving to be incredibly comfortable. Ride a Silverado and you’ll quickly know what everyone’s raving about.


  • Long, tapered nose and flatter platform provide ample real estate for shifting positions.
  • Optimized padding-to-weight ratio make the Silverado a hit across all disciplines, including road.

USAGE:  Adventure Road – Gravel – Cross Country – Trail – Enduro