WTB KOM i29 29", Vannekehä

WTB KOM i29, Vannekehä

KOM kehä Trail ja XC ajoihin!

– Vanteen sisäleveys on 29mm
– 32 reikää
– TCS tubeless ready
– Valmistajan ilmoittaman paino 465g


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WTB KOM i29, Rim

As light as carbon and wider than our aluminum competition. WTB’s KOM rims showcase what alloy is truly capable of. KOMs are designed for one thing only: winning. Light enough to spin your way to the top, wide enough to own your way to the bottom. Whoever said it ain’t easy being king… was slow.


  • Open channel design and high-end WT69 Alloy make for an incredibly light weight rim.
  • TCS inner rim profile guarantees easy, reliable tubeless performance.
  • 4D angled spoke drilling eliminates binding and lateral loading, and disperses tension more evenly over a greater area. Allows for use of regular J-bend, non-proprietary spokes.
  • Disc-brake only.

REVIEWS:  44 Bikes

USAGE: Road Plus / Gravel / Cross-County / Trail

SPECIFICATIONS:  (Max spoke  tension range: 110-120KgF) 

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