WTB Exposure TCS 700x34c Maantierengas

Proven WTB performance now expanded to high-end road that won’t fall apart when taken past the traditional tarmac. The all-new, multilayered construction of the tubeless Supple Casing delivers a soothingly smooth ride quality without deteriorating under varied conditions. Elite-level road meets renowned tubeless simplicity in sizes that accommodate exploration while digging deep on lonesome roads. Exposure tires are available in 30, 32 and 34mm for the ultimate versatility in road tires…meaning big days and few boundaries.

Features :

  • Folding Beads.
  • Tubeless UST.
  • Road TCS.
  • Distance+ Compound.
Dimensions ETRTO Pressures Weight Reference
700 x 30 mm 30-622 310 g W010-0639
700 x 32 mm 32-622 315 g W010-0676
700 x 34 mm 34-622 370 g W010-0643



Beads Folding
Surface Rolling Trails
Conditions Hard Pack