Woom 5, lastenpyörä 24"

Woom 5, lastenpyörä 24″ (PREORDER: sportax@sportax.fi)

  • Size: 24″
  • Weight: 8,7 kg
  • Age: 7 – 11 years
  • Height: 125 – 145 cm




Woom 5: Safe up hill and down dale

The woom 5 gives children aged seven years and older the chance to ride just like the big ones thanks to an eight-gear derailleur and easy-to-use twist shifter. No matter whether the bike is just a means of transport or a favourite hobby, riding the woom 5 guarantees fun and safety on two wheels.

  • Size: 24″
  • Weight: 8,7 kg
  • Age: 7 – 11 years
  • Height: 125 – 145 cm
  • Delivery date: 3.2021

    • Brake

    The two V-Brakes are easy to operate thanks to their ergonomically adapted brake levers with reach adjustability. The levers require only little strength to bring the bike to a safe halt.


    • Woom crank

    The crank length and distance between the pedals are ergonomically adapted to fit children’s bodies. This results in an optimum stance and very natural movements. And thanks to the chain guard ring those days of getting your trouser leg caught are over!


    • Woom frame

    The superlight aluminium frame is the heart of the bike and ensures a fun and safe riding experience. Its cleverly designed age-specific geometry offers good control over the bike and gives young riders maximum safety while exploring new horizons.


    • Woom twist-shifter

    The easy-to-operate SRAM twist shifter enables riders to shift intuitively through the eight gears with minimal hand strength required.


    • Woom saddle

    The saddle is one of the most important points of contact between the child and the bike. It significantly affects the feeling when riding. That is why our saddle is designed to fit the pelvis of children in this age group and give them a slightly stretched-out riding position. Perfect for a unique riding experience!


    • Quick-release seatpost clamp

    The quick-release seatpost clamp offers a simple, quick and tool-free way to adjust the saddle height. It’s even easy enough to be operated by children. On your pedals, ready, go!


    • Woom tyres

    Tyres have a major influence on how a bike rides. That is why for our bikes we have chosen tyres that can be used for a broad variety of terrain. Whether you child is riding on tarmac, gravel or dirt, our lightweight tyres will ensure maximum grip in any weather and on any surface, whether your child is riding straight or making turns.


    • Woom Vario-stem

    Our stem is the safe and lightweight connection between the handlebars and the headset. With our Vario stem the bike can be adjusted not only in height but also in length, meaning it grows with the child and offers an optimal riding position at all times.


    • Gears

    The precise and easy-to-use gear-shifting makes riding more fun and enables children to go on longer rides while remaining simple enough for youngsters to understand. The SRAM X4 system has eight gears in the back (11-32) designed for a wide range of gradients combined with a 28-tooth chain ring in the front.


    • Woom quick-release wheels

    Quick-release skewers make installing and removing the wheels from the frame a quick and easy job. Having the wheels out of the frame makes it much easier to transport the bike in a car. And a quick removal and installation of the wheels is also super helpful if you get a flat tyre.


    “Whether cruising with friends or riding on your own, a bike is the best companion!”


    Woom 5

    Bike geometry

    Tyre/wheel size: 24″
    Cockpit/handlebar height: 890 mm (35″)
    Steering angle: 70°
    Top tube horizontal: 515 mm (20.28″)
    Wheelbase: 961 mm (37.83″)
    Seat tube angle: 72.5°
    Minimum saddle height: 670 mm (26.38″)
    Maximum saddle height: 820 mm (32.28″)
    Crank length: 130 mm (5.12″)
    Handlebar adjustability: individually adjustable
    Stand-over height~ 610 mm

    Woom 5 lastenpyörä specifications


    • Frame material: light, high-quality AA 6061 aluminium with butted tubes
    • 24″ wheels
    • Agile and easy handling: low entry, very low sitting position and forgiving steering geometry to provide good control and more riding fun



    • 8 speeds
    • SRAM X4 twist shifter
    • SRAM X4 rear derailleur



    • Ultralight SOOPA DOOPA HOOPS aluminium rims
    • Aluminium hubs with sealed bearings and mount for woom click-on fenders
    • Quick-release skewers for easy installation and removal
    • 20 lightweight, super strong stainless steel spokes, double-crossed spoking



    • Light unicrown fork made out of aluminium
    • 1″ shaft
    • Generous trail angle for easy handling



    • 24 x 1.85″ Schwalbe Little Joe folding tyres – woom edition
    • High-quality, lightweight tyres for good shock absorption, low rolling resistance and maximum grip
    • Car-type valves for easy filling at any service station
    • Reflective stripes on the sides of the tyres for optimal visibility even in low-light conditions



    • Fully-integrated 1″ headset
    • Sealed industrial bearings
    • Integrated ahead clamp



    • Lightweight stem made out of forged aluminium
    • Adjustable height and reach mean the Vario stem offers an optimal riding position as the child grows.
    • Handlebars attached via two clamps and fixed with two 5 mm hex bolts



    • Ergonomically designed to fit children’s pelvis
    • Non-toxic
    • Side protection to lean against walls



    • Wide, ergonomically adapted and lightweight aluminium bars for more control
    • Sandblasted and black anodised
    • Width: 580 mm



    • Anodized aluminium seatpost with minimum insertion mark, plus integrated guide in seat tube



    • woom Ergogrip – the smallest grip of its kind
    • Ergonomically formed gripping surface, non-toxic
    • Handlebar ends with extra large diameter for greater protection
    • Screw-in grips for secure attachment to handlebars


    Seatpost clamp

    • Made from aluminium
    • Extra-long quick-release skewer, easy to operate requiring only little strength
    • No risk of turning and/or twisting



    • Lightweight, forged 130 mm aluminium cranks with narrow distance between pedals (Q-factor)
    • Narrow-wide chainring with 28 teeth
    • Cassette with 11-32 teeth
    • Narrow, flat platform plastic pedals
    • Sealed cartridge



    • Two independently operated V-brakes with braking power adapted for children
    • Ergonomically adapted brake lever with reach adjustability
    • High-quality Jagwire cables for reduced friction and smooth performance



    • woom red, moon grey, midnight blue, mint green



    • 8,7 kg


    Weight limit

    • 80 kg



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