TLD A1 Drone kypärä XL/XXL

TLD A1 Drone kypärä

Koko: XL/XXL

Suojaus, tyyli ja istuvuus on TLD:n tuotteiden avainsanoja!

Vuosien tutkimusten tuloksena syntyi A1 Drone kypärä, joka on yksi mukavimmista maastopyöräilykypäristä.

Paino: 320 grammaa.


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TLD A1 Drone helmet

The Troy Lee Designs A1 Drone helmet is specifically designed for XC / enduro / trail riders. It is the culmination of 30 years of experience in the full face helmet. Offering maximum protection, an extremely lightweight and comfortable design, this versatile helmet will accompany you on all trails.


• Ultra comfortable, antimicrobial and antiperspirant inner liner Adjustable visor + – 25 mm (with central screw)
• 3 rear stabilizer adjustment positions + thumbscrew (60 mm height adjustment and 20 mm head circumference)
• Reinforced polycarbonate structure
• Anodized aluminum screws
• 8 air intake ports on the front
• 8 exhaust vents on the back
• Graphic inspired by the competition
• Delivered with its instructions
• CE, CPSC and EN standards
• Weight: 320 gr