Shimano Vaihdevipu XT M8100 12s, oikea

Shimano Deore XT M8100 12s Vaihdevipu, oikea

Shimano väri: Series color
Myyntimallikoodi: SL-M8100
Shimano osakoodi: Vaihdevipu
Käyttö: On bike
Vaihtajatyyppi: Rapid Fire Plus
Takavaihteet: 12-vaihteinen
Optinen vaihteennäyttö: ei näyttöä
Paikka: Oikea
Vapautustoiminto: Multi Release / Instant Release / 2-Way Release



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Right Shift Lever – Clamp Band

SHIMANO’s RAPIDFIRE PLUS DEORE XT shift lever delivers light and responsive front shifting for improved control out on the trail. The new I-SPEC EV lever offers a wide range of adjustments including increased lever slide range.

  • Quick and easy shifting heightens focus and control
  • Quicker lever access and light operation
  • Instantaneous push and pull movements
  • -35% shifting operation force (vs SL-M8000-R) 20% quicker main lever access (vs SL-M8000-R)


– Instant Release
INSTANT RELEASE shifting replaces the two-stage click and release shifting you are familiar with. INSTANT RELEASE shifting releases cable as soon the lever is activated, resulting in the quickest possible gear changes. Whether it is an upshift with a Top Normal rear derailleur or a downshift with low normal rear derailleur a quicker shift is always a better shift.
– 2-Way Release
The RAPIDFIRE Plus shifter release lever is commonly called a trigger because it is operated like a pistol, by pulling toward the grip. The release lever of RAPIDFIRE Plus shifters from ALIVIO to XTR can be operated in this same manner but adds the ability to activate a release shift by pushing with the thumb.
– Rapidfire Plus
Mountain bikers have used RAPIDFIRE Plus since 1985. RAPIDFIRE Plus is still a winning choice from a wide range of riders from XC racers to freeriders. RAPIDFIRE Plus is suited to quick shifting, giving riders the ability to downshift three gears in one stroke. RAPIDFIRE Plus shifters from DEORE to XTR all feature 2-WAY RELEASE, which means release shifts by pull of the index finger or push of the thumb.

Benefits & Features

  • Simple and intuitive single lever operation, quicker access and lighter front shifting enhances concentration.
  • Front double shifting with natural finger positioning supports intuitive shifting operation.
  • Easy front shifting helps riders quickly and accurately respond to rapidly changing conditions.

RAPIDFIRE PLUS MONO LEVER’s simple and intuitive lever operation allows riders to shift both up and down with a single lever. It supports front double shifting with natural finger positioning and intuitive shifting operation while maintaining a solid grip on the handlebar. 2WAY-RELEASE functionality delivers instantaneous push & pull movements to help riders respond quickly and accurately to rapidly changing conditions.

– I-Spec-EV
I-SPEC EV creates a clean and action-optimized cockpit that provides greater focus and flexibility for a wider range of riders.

Benefits & Features

  • Wider adjustment range allows riders of various styles, preferences and body styles to adjust to the optimal position.
  • Ergonomic design, quicker lever access, and light operation enhance rider comfort and concentration.

With its wider adjustment range, I-SPEC EV levers can be adjusted to the optimal position to match a wider range of riding styles (ENDURO/XC/etc.), rider preferences and rider anatomies (hand and arm alignment). I-SPEC EV increases brake lever rigidity by moving the brake clamp position inward to create an extra point of contact between the bar and the lever. This additional bracing drastically increases bike control and braking engagement while maintaining space between the clamp and support point for other handlebar accessories.