SDG Duster MTN Ti-Alloy 140mm Satula

SDG DUSTER MTN Ti-Alloy on kevyt penkki sekä maastoon. Duster kehitettiin yhteistyössä SDG:n tehtaan XC/CX kisatiimin kanssa. Satulasa on nailonpohja ja joustava D2 Eddge Flex-reunat.


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SDG Duster

Tasainen yläpinta, helppo liikkua penkillä
Kevyt nailon/lasikuiturunko
Pituus: 285mm
Leveys: 140mm
Paino: 285g

The Dusters are a Flat-Forward, race ready proven design that allow hours in the saddle. Using a Light-Weight Nylon Glass Fiber base and D2 Edge Flex System, this dual injected base features a soft, rubberized compound along the outer edges of the saddle which allows flex through each pedal stroke, while keeping the center stiff for ultimate power transfer.

Engineered with a Snagless rear and Nose Platform, the Dusters are constructed with a mid-density EVA or Light Weight PU foam and designed for those who desire less pelvis rotation and more mobility. The F Model stays true to the Flat concept, while the P & MTN Models are ergonomically designed with a tip to tail Peri-Canal for added comfort relief. These key features