Santa Cruz Nomad CC Coil RUNKO

V10 handling at Syndicate speeds.
The Nomad’s reputation is built on consistently pushing the envelope on how lawless a single-crown bike can get while still remaining a capable daily driver.

The latest iteration nudged the travel and geometry further towards the outer limits, and we surprised ourselves at just how well-rounded it turned out.

The fourth-generation design saw a dramatic shift to the lower-link mounted shock configuration. The shock rate is a short-travel version of the V10—which means feather-light small bump sensitivity right off the bat, supportive mid-stroke, and overall progression that you’d normally only experience on a DH bike.

To handle all this newfound capability, the geometry was adapted too. It’s longer and lower-slung to ensure maximum stability and confidence on absolutely everything. At the same time, the Nomad’s still a trail bike. It pedals well and tackles valley-to-valley alpine runs and all-day missions without skipping a beat—a fact helped by its pedal-friendly seat tube angle and standard 170mm dropper post fit.

Koko: LARGEVäri: Eggplant

Key Features:

  • Carbon CC
  • Wheel size:27.5″
  • Rear travel:170mm


Geometry & Sizing

A Reach 390mm 420mm 440mm 460mm 490mm
B Stack 584mm 593mm 602mm 611mm 620mm
C Head Tube Angle 65° 65° 65° 65° 65°
D Seat Tube Length 375mm 390mm 420mm 450mm 480mm
E Front Center 704mm 738mm 762mm 787mm 821mm
F BB Height 344mm 344mm 344mm 344mm 344mm
G BB Drop 10mm 10mm 10mm 10mm 10mm
H Wheelbase 1134mm 1168mm 1192mm 1216mm 1251mm
I Chainstay Length 430mm 430mm 430mm 430mm 430mm
J Head Tube Length 90mm 100mm 110mm 120mm 130mm
K Top Tube Length 540mm 573mm 596mm 619mm 653mm
L Seat Tube Angle 74.5° 74.5° 74.5° 74.5° 74.5°
M Standover Height 710mm 712mm 728mm 726mm 718mm
N Eye to Eye Length 230mm 230mm 230mm 230mm 230mm
Seatpost Length 125mm 125mm 150mm 170mm 170mm
Stem Length
Crank Length 170mm 170mm 170mm 170mm 170mm

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