Santa Cruz Jackal Runko Medium

799,00  499,00 


Santa Cruz Jackal Runko Medium

Santa Cruz Jackal

Santa Cruzin dirttipyörän runko! Runko on suunniteltu kestämään ikuisesti, vaikka se olisi kuinkakovassa käytössä! Rungossa olevat drop outit mahdollistaa single speedin ja vaihteellisen käytön! Runko on M kokoinen joka sopii 150-175cm kuljettajille.

799,00  499,00 

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The Santa Cruz Jackal is an opportunistic scavenger of man-made terrain.

The Jackal is a no BS dirt jump, pump track, and urban assault weapon bike. We sell it as a frame-only and it runs on old-timey 26-inch wheels.

Overbuilt to last forever, these frames will take more abuse than you can dish out, yet still weigh in at under 5lbs.

A clever asymmetrical yoke permits the use of rock solid and super short 15.2-inch chainstays. And for those who want to take their anarchy further afield, the unique sliding rear dropouts allow for a geared as well as single speed set-up.



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