Renthal Fatbar 35, 20 mm Rise, Musta

Renthal Fatbar 35

Legendaarisen hyvät Renthalin tangot – vain parasta maasturisi ohjaamoon.

• 7050 T6 Alumiini
• 800 mm leveys
• 7 asteen backsweep
• 5 asteen upsweep
• 20 mm nousu
• 35 mm ohjaustangon paksuus
• 305 g paino


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Fatbar 35 20 mm Rise, 35 mm, 800 mm

A fraction of a second. A few grams.

A couple of millimetres. It all counts.

Welcome to the winning world of Renthal.


The Renthal Fatbar Lite is the ultimate lightweight, trail-proof aluminium handlebar.
With efficient use of high grade 7050 T6 aluminium, Renthal has kept the same market leading weight of 305 g. The new FatBar Lite achieves all of this while retaining the same high level of strength and durability and matching the stiffness of the original Fatbar Lite.