Muc-Off Copper Compound 450g Kuparitahna

Muc-Off Copper Compound

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Muc-Off Copper Compound 450g

With the Muc-Off Copper Compound paste, stuck threaded screw connections and tight metal joints are a thing of the past. Simply apply it to threaded, plug and screw connections that are especially exposed to corrosion. The copper-based assembly paste reliably prevents contact corrosion and resulting damages on threaded connections and metal parts.
Apart from protecting bottom bracket, headset and thru axle threads, the assembly paste also keeps sensitive components running smoothly. Besides, it helps reduce friction and thus prevents creaking and cracking noises on seatpost and cranks.

· Copper-based assembly paste
· For metal connections of steel, titanium, aluminium etc.
· Protects from corrosion, reduces friction
· Saltwater resistant
· Does not attack metal, carbon, plastic and rubber
· Content: 450 g