EVOC Stage 6l + 2l bladder juomareppu

EVOC STAGE 6l + 2l Juomareppu

Tekninen ja useilla yksityiskohdilla varustettu reppu taattua Evoc-laatua. Huolellisesti mietityt yksityiskohdat ja kestävät materiaalit pitävät huolen siitä, että tämän repun käyttäminen on mutkatonta ja miellyttävää.
Työkalutaskut, kypärän kantomahdollisuus ja pehmeäpintainen puhelintasku ovat vain pintaraapaisu ominaisuuksiin.
Olkainlenkkien ansiosta reppu istuu hyvin selkään, ja on yläprofiililtaan matalammalle istuva kuin aiemmat EVOC-mallit.
Näiden lenkkien myötä myös istuvuus on entistä parempi.

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EVOC Stage 6l + 2l bladder

The EVOC STAGE 6l is a technical bike backpack with numerous features and details, making it the perfect choice for short enduro rides or manoeuvres in the park. The BRACE LINK provides freely moving shoulder straps for maximum mobility on your bike.


6 l, 640 g, 23 x 44 x 6 cm

  • AIR FLOW CONTACT SYSTEM offers perfect back ventilation
  • BRACE LINK for optimal adjustment of the shoulder straps
  • Tool compartment (separate, quick-access)


Item No.

BLACK 100208100  100205100*

ORANGE – CHILI RED 100208516 100205516 *

AQUA BLUE – NEON BLUE 100208233 100205233*

LOAM – CARBON GREY 100208607 100205607*



air flow contact system

The requirement here is to transfer loads to the body’s centre of gravity such that they become neutral, while at the same time minimising the contact areas with the back.

We solve this contradiction by means of a back component where all ventilation components such as large ventilation channels 01 and specially grooved and perforated EVA pads 02 behind mesh material have practically been moved to the inside.

This ensures that the pack fits close to the back and simultaneously provides optimised back ventilation.


The BRACE LINK adjusts the shoulder belts perfectly to the width of the athletes shoulders. This automatically adjustment endorse the load transfer to the body’s centre of gravity, while at the same time the contact areas with back and shoulders are minimized.

Even wearing a neck brace is possible through the BRACE LINK.


AIR CIRCULATION is used in all our backpacks, as it ensures optimum ventilation while preventing excessive cooling down of the sensitive kidney area, even during extremely high-strain activities or intensive perspiration. Constant, free air circulation is guaranteed as a result of the vertical air channel.

Gaps along the sides of the channel allow additional air to escape.



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