Ergon GE1 EVO Gripit, Deep Moss

Ergon GE1 Evo Gripit, Deep Moss

Enduroon, treilille, bike parkkiin..
Jämäkät gripit ergonomisella muotoilulla auttavat vähentämään käsien väsymistä pitkinä ajopäivinä.
Saksassa suunniteltu ja valmistettu, hyvin pitävä kumiseos.
Väri Deep Moss, koko Regular.


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Ergon GE1 EVO Gripit, Deep Moss

GE1 Evo Slim Deep Moss

The GE1 Evo is the evolution of the successful Ergon GE1.
It was specifically developed for racing in the Enduro World Series. The first ergonomic, rider-oriented grip for wide rise bars with more comfort, a more precise grip feeling and better performance.

Ergonomic body position

The grip surface is designed to actively support the more aggressive, wider bar technical trail riding position. By turning 8 degrees to the handlebar axis, the elbows are automatically lifted outwards when gripping! This gives you maximum control at all times, even on the toughest Enduro tracks.

The GE1 Evo brings arms and hands into the correct position.


The GE1 Evo offers a precise gripping control due to its ergonomic shape and texture layout. This allows the rider to conserve energy that is normally wasted with a greater gripping force on a non ergonomic grip. Available in two diameters (Standard and Slim), suitable for different hand sizes and grip size preferences.

The GE1 Evo is available in the sizes Standard and Small.

Maximum grip

The increase of gripping control is due to the specific texture layout and ergonomic shaping. Having the texture go against the gripping force prevents hand rotation and enhances control for both comfort and performance.

Hand grips grip, arrow in the opposite direction, grip is clarified.

Optimal pressure distribution

The GE1 features an inboard, soft rubber, tear-drop shaping for the thumb area. The grip then flares out towards the oute edge to allow for more pressure distribution. The texture extends to the end of the grip and protects the pressure-sensitive ulnar nerve from being compressed. A better distribution of pressure in this area aids in preventing common nerve issues such as tingling, discomfort and numbness.

GE1 Evo relieves ulnar nerve and prevents pain.

Inner Core Construction

The grip wall varies in thickness within the inner core. This provides a specific delivery of damping of vibrations in common highly sensitive zones. The GE1 Evo offers additional damping comfort in the far outer end with the fully integrated grip end. This creates a soft, cushioned grip edge.

GE1 Evo with recesses on the inner core, for more comfort.
Name  – GE1 Evo Slim
Use  – MTB, Enduro, Gravity, All-Mountain