Airshot Tubeless Tyre Inflator Tubeless-pumppu

Airshot Tubeless-pumppu

Airshotin avulla napsautat tubelesoidun renkaasi takaisin vanteelle kätevästi ja ilman kompressoria!
Airshot täytetään tavallisella jalkapumpulla, joten erikoisia välineitä ei käyttöä varten tarvita.

Maksimipaine: 9 bar / 130 psi

67,00  55,00 

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Airshot – the easy way to inflate tubeless tyres!


Airshot, gives you the ability to charge an air bottle quite easily using a normal track pump. Then, by simply applying the pump head to the valve on your wheel and releasing the air tap, a fast high volume shot of air is released to instantly mount the tyre onto the bead.



Body Material : Steel

Colour : Blue

Flexible Connector : Yes

Folding Base : None

For Valves : Presta, Schrader

Manometer : None

Maximum Pressure : 9 bars / 130 psi

Tubeless Compatible : Yes


Check Airshot How To -video from this link!