45NRTH Gravdal 28", 700c x 38 Nastarengas, 33tpi

45NRTH Gravdal 700c x 38 Nastarengas, 33tpi


45NRTHin kaverit tietävät todellisen talven!
Laadukkaat, pitävät nastarenkaat, jotka sopivat loistavaksi esimerkiksi työmatkapyöräilyyn. Heijastinraidat renkaan kyljissä lisäävät sivuttaisnäkyvyyttäsi liikenteessä.
Renkaassa on 252 nastaa, teräskaapelireuna.


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45NRTH Gravdal 700c x 38 Nastarengas 33tpi (28″)

Welcome to the world of high-performance commuter tires!
The 252 studs are carefully positioned across the 700c x 38mm casing profile to yield a level of confidence and safety never before seen in a commuter tire. Siped tread lugs and oval-shaped stud groupings provide exceptional cornering, braking and acceleration traction. Run the Gravdal at minimum pressure for unmatched traction performance, and maximum pressure for a quieter and faster ride on clean roads.


SIZE 700c x 38mm (622/Road)
GEOMETRY View Tire Geometry Chart
CASING 33tpi
STUDS 252 Concave Carbide Studs
BEAD Wire Bead or Folding Bead
RIM COMPATIBILITY 20–28mm wide rims


Versatile and confidence inspiring, the Gravdal securely navigates through harsh winter conditions with steel carbide studs for added traction in icy conditions.

  • Siping creates a more conforming lug for added traction
  • 252 concave carbide studs tear into slick surfaces
  • Fast rolling ramped center lugs provide decreased rolling resistance
  • Aggressive rear faces of center lugs provide excellent braking traction