WTB Nano 700 × 40c TCS Light Fast Roll Tire

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WTB Nano 700 x 40c TCS Light Fast Roll Tire

WTB Nano 700 x 40c TCS Light Fast Roll Tire

FAAAASSSTT!!!!! The Nano 40 is built for speed. A nearly uninterrupted centerline provides swift efficiency on hardpack terrain while staggered outer knobs allow you to stay on the gas while hammering up chunky climbs or hanging on through loose gravel corners. The high-volume 40mm casing allows for lower tire pressures and a smoother ride while still reducing drag and rolling resistance. This makes for an all-out gravel destroyer that still appeases those clamoring for a truly big cyclocross tire. Everybody’s irrefutable favorite, 'nough said.


Minimal rolling resistance due to raised, consistent centerline tread.
Long, staggered knobs provide steadfast traction without cutting down on speed.
The TCS Light/Fast Rolling Nano 40 tire provides ultimate tubeless reliability for gravel or cyclocross racing.
Race and Comp level tires are designed to provide optimal performance at a competitive weight, but must be used with inner tubes. Race and Comp level tires are not tubeless compatible.
Available with black or tan sidewalls.
REVIEWS: Urban Velo – The Radavist – Singletrack – All Hail the Black Market – Art’s Cyclery – GravelBike.com – RidingGravel.com – Cyclocross Magazine; 2015 Editor’s Award for Cyclocross Magazine – BikeRadar – ADVNTR


USAGE: Gravel / Cyclocross
CONDITIONS: Hardpack / Dirt / Gravel