WTB Vigilante 2.5 29” TCS Tough/TriTec Fast Rolling Tire

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WTB Vigilante 2.5 29" TCS Tough/TriTec Fast Rolling Tire

WTB Vigilante 2.5 29" TCS Tough/TriTec Fast Rolling Tire

Aggressive, premier and unwavering…those were words we used to describe the highly esteemed Vigilante 2.3 and they still ring true for these wider brethren. We simply dreamt of ripping trails on wider versions of our favourite aggressive mountain tire.

We wouldn’t hand you spineless claims about vast improvements unless they were true. The Vigilante 2.5/2.6 sees a massive increase in both the height and surface area of the side knobs. Tall, stout outer knobs not only able to dig deeper, but also start digging sooner in the initial stages of cornering. Wider, taller and more aggressive in every way…the new Vigilante 2.5/2.6.


All Vigilante 2.5/2.6/2.8 tires feature TriTec Compound, which utilizes three rubber compounds to provide different levels of traction, support and durability based on their placement within the tread. The entire tread pattern is supported by a base of high durometer rubber, which also transitions halfway into the height of the knobs and allows for the use of softer knob compounds without the tire folding due to cornering forces. The top of the centre knobs consist of a medium durometer compound to provide traction and durability without sacrificing rolling efficiency, while the outer knobs feature the softest compound to deliver maximum grip and slow rebound. All TCS Light versions of the new WTB tires feature Slash Guard technology, which incorporates a protective nylon insert spanning the entire sidewall to provide extra protection without the weight of a dual ply casing.


Square-lugged knobs deliver unwavering traction, yet with added height to ensure they dig even deeper into loose, unpredictable terrain.
Updated siping arrangement places emphasis on cornering forces, while the larger knobs don’t discriminate against shamelessly forceful cornering or reckless braking.
Increased circumferential spacing allows the tread to remain clear in sloppy conditions, while still keeping the casing protected from spiteful rocks.
Optimized around i29 rims.

USAGE: Trail / Enduro / Gravity
CONDITIONS: Dirt / Loose / Rocky / Wet

Wheel Size Level Weight Compound
29” TCS Light/High Grip + Slash Guard, 1137g, TriTec
29” TCS Tough/High Grip, 1251g, TriTec
29” TCS Tough/Fast Rolling, 1242g, TriTec