Vannekehä plussa renkaille
- 32 reikäinen
- 550g
- 40mm sisäleveys

109,00 €
WTB Scraper i40, 27.5+ vannekehä

WTB Scraper i40, 27.5+ vannekehä

Legendary tubeless technology has now been hand delivered to the plus-sized market. Why have a 2.8+ inch tire if you can’t experience a lovely tubeless ride? The Scraper rim features a TCS inner rim profile, 4D angled drilling, and our light but stiff WT69 Alloy all while still allowing for popular and available J-bend spokes. Yep, non-proprietary spokes but a high tech rim. The Scraper i40 is designed for 2.8” tires while the i45 is optimized for 3.0” tires. Experience TCS euphoria with our Scraper rim and understand what this plus-sized grinning is all about.