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100,00 €
Mavic Crossride Elite W Shoe, maastopyöräilykenkä

Mavic Crossride Elite W Shoe, maastopyöräilykenkä

Koot 3,5-5,5
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Suurin osa hyllyssä. Uupuvat koot 5-7 päivän toimitus

This is a pure mountain bike shoe for riders who want to hit the trails, stay comfortable and protected and look good doing it.

Firstly, it has an Energy Grip outsole for effective power transfer into the pedals. And the studded sole is made from Contragrip®, giving you great grip when you’re off the bike.

Outside, there’s plenty of mesh ventilation, toe and heel protection and new for 2016 is a velcro strap to keep your laces out of harm’s way and your feet secure. The black and papaya or classic black and white colour options give this shoe the feminine touch without losing its serious side.