Mavicin kevyt kiekkosetti renkaineen
-15×100/12×142 akseleille

299,00 €
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Mavic Crossride Light WTS, kiekkosetti

Mavic Crossride Light WTS, kiekkosetti

There’s something incredibly pure about trail riding: the feeling of exploration, the satisfaction of nailing a technical section and the mixture of pleasure and pain are hard to beat. It’s just you versus the terrain, so you need kit that won’t let you down.
Versatile, agile – and comfortable
Crossride Light WTS offers more versatility and more comfort than ever at this level thanks to a completely new, sleeved rim that’s wider and lighter for more comfort and control. Double-butted spokes save valuable weight and they perfectly match our Crossride Quest tyres with long term testing proving their reliability is unmatched.
We’ve also spent time fine-tuning the hubs and power transfer is now handled by our TS-2 freehub system, which is widely compatible with all axles and also XD drive trains.
Crossride Quest all-round tyres
To give you that extra agility and versatility, these wheels are fitted with Crossride Quest all-round tyres (tubetype) in a width of 2.25”, to bring rolling efficiency, traction and cornering confidence. An amazing value Wheel-Tyre System.
And they’re incredibly practical too, because the hubs are delivered with through axle compatibility (15×100/12×142) and they can easily be converted to other standards (9×100 front, 9/12×135 rear) with optional adapters. Crossride Light is available in 26”, 27.5” and 29”.